5 Star, Positive reviews are the lifeblood of today’s local and long distance moving companies. But to get them you have to earn them. At Advanced Moving & Storage we work hard everyday to make sure our customers have a smooth and positive moving experience.
Recently we received another 5 star, positive review on our Google Plus page from a satisfied customer.
“This company was great. The price was a third of large companies and the crew was awesome. They completed the job under the time and was going to refund money to me, but I gave it to them on top of their tip. I had to move a 500 lb safe up 13 steps and these guys tried their best, but I chose to relocate it elsewhere so they would not injure themselves. They were polite and courteous. My only suggestion to the owner is to invest in a special dolly to move safes up stairs.” – James S.
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