If you are looking for a Naperville mover during the holidays, don’t forget to tell them about your need to move over the holidays. Be sure to take into consideration that your holiday move is probably going to cost more than a move at a regular time of the year. Because the majority of the personnel might take some time off during the holidays, chances are that a Naperville moving company may operate on a smaller staff.

When scheduling a Naperville moving company, ask them for a written quote on the cost of your move. You could ask the moving company to stop by your house and give you an in-house estimate on your moving costs. Then you can talk through every detail face to face and you will get a much more accurate quote on your moving costs. Your local Naperville moving company will also be more prepared when the move comes. Be sure you comprehend all of the moving costs and fees included in your final moving expense so you can avoid any hidden moving costs.

Be sure to tell the local moving company about all the specific details involving your move in advance so that there are no surprises. Set your moving budget and include some extra money to cover the costs of moving during the holidays.

Now it is even easier to estimate your moving costs no matter of your desired moving dates.

This should make it easier to estimate your moving expenses regardless of your desired moving dates. Call Advanced Moving and Storage at (630)790-2500 for a fast, reliable quote or visit our website for more information.