Moving Tips

As your move gets closer there are certain tasks you can fulfill in order to insure that your move is a successful one.

2-3 weeks before your move:

  1. Dispose of everything that you do not plan on taking with you.
  2. Make a list of your belongings.
  3. Notify the post office of your new address.
  4. Notify Cable Company so that they can pick up all equipment.
  5. If moving to a different state note that each state has its own auto licensing and insurance laws.
  6. Determine value of all possessions for insurance purposes.
  7. Arrange transfer of bank account, utilities, medical and dental records, veterinarian records and school records.

1 week before move:

  1. Prepare separate boxes that you will take in your car (things that you want to have immediately).
  2. prepare suite case with personal items.
  3. Make sure that elevator time is secure for time of move at both locations.
  4. Make sure that the new location will be ready to be moved into on designated day.

Day before move:

  1. Turn off, empty out and disconnect all appliances that you want to take with you.(Refrigerator, air conditioner, stove, microwave, etc…)
  2. Dispose of all flammables.
  3. Remove all keys from desks, safes, etc…

Additional moving tips for a smooth trouble free move:

  1. Wardrobe boxes are provided for you to use on the day of your move free of charge
  2. Please, remove any mirrors from the dressers. Also, if you have your bed frames taken apart before the move, it will save time on the total job hours. The movers will be happy to do this for you if you are unable to do so.
  3. Dresser drawers do not need to be emptied of clothing: clothing only can remain in drawers. Armoires and cabinets need to have all shelves emptied.
  4. All boxes need to be closed and sealed. (Please do not use plastic bags, all moving boxes need to be stackable, we cannot stack plastic bags.
  5. Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied, defrosted and un-hooked. We do provide these services if requested.
  6. Washer and dryer and all appliances need to be disconnected. We do provide these services if requested
  7. Moving all boxes into one central location will speed up your move. (I.E. garage, living room)
  8. All motorized items that run on gasoline must have the gasoline drained down as far as possible by the customer before being loaded on the truck.
  9. All boxes packed by the customer must be packed carefully.
  10. Any desk that is to be moved should have all drawers emptied.
  11. If you have a Grandfather Clock please remove the pendulum and weights before we move the item. Crating & servicing is available upon request.

Moving day:

On your moving day one of our professional foremen will take you through all the steps of your move including a complete inventory of your belongings and provide you with a bill of lading.

Once our staff proceeds to do their duties it is with great pride and confidence that we insure that the job will be done correctly and completely.

After your belongings have been loaded on to our trucks please go through your place of residence with your foreman to insure that nothing has been left behind and that all doors and windows have been locked shut.

To conclude Advanced Moving & Storage, Inc. would like to remind you that:

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 goal

If we can answer any of your questions or concerns either before, during or after your move please feel free to contact our customer service line at 630-790-2500  or  800-394-4462.

Your friends at,

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