Imagine: Trying to relax in your new home with boxes cluttering all of your rooms. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t be! Moving to or from Addison home should be a exciting and rewarding experience. After all of the stress and anxiety that comes with find the right Addison moving company, the last thing you need is to stress out about packing, and unpacking. Of course, getting settled is your number one priority. But how can you be settled when things are unorganized?

Whether you have Addison movers or just friends and family helping you out, the number one thing you can do is organize before you move. Clearly mark all your box contents and the room they need to go in ahead of schedule so when it’s time for the moving company to arrive, they can quickly and easily get your belongings to your new home. Don’t forget to label the SIDES of the boxes, not the tops.
This way, you’ll be able to identify them even if they are piled up. It’s not a bad idea to number your boxes, and make a printed list of what is in each box by number. This makes it easier to make sure you did not forget any boxes. And, if there’s anything valuable or private in there, you will not be announcing it to the world by writing it down on top of the box. Making organized decisions ahead of time is also a great way to reduce stress during your move. If you know where all your belongings are going to be in your new home, you won’t have to struggle on the day of your move when stacks of boxes and furniture are being carried in.

Another clever way to organize for your move is with color coating. Pick a different color for every room of the house. There is a lot of colored duct tape out there. Place that color on each box, item, and furniture piece that goes in that room. In the new home, place a large swatch of this color on the wall or floor where you want the contents of that room to be placed. Using color coating is not very complicated and makes it extra easy for your help to know where to put your belongings. Also, the great part is that it is something you can do before you move and while you pack. After all, furniture and other items can still be lived on in your existing home with tape marks on them.